Quick HTML


Horizontal alignment

Text and images can be aligned to left (this is the default) , right or centered:

.left { text-align : left; }
.right { text-align : right; }
.center { text-align : center; }
<DIV class="left">Text is aligned to left</DIV>
Text aligned to left

<DIV class="right">Text is aligned to right</DIV>
Text aligned to right

<DIV class="center">Text is centered</DIV>
Text is centered

Text can also be justified.

This means that the width of the text column is constant:
.justify { text-align : justify; }
<DIV class="justify"> An HTML document follows .....</DIV>
An HTML document follows a standard to describe his essential properties as the HTML version used, the character encoding, and the content description. The most important information is the character encoding. It defines the translation of the HTML file in a readable text file, depending upon his language. The universal character encoding, suitable for all languages, is called UTF-8 (Unicode).

Vertical alignment

Text and images contained in a table cell can be aligned to the top , middle or bottom border:
.top { vertical-align : top; }
.middle { vertical-align : middle; }
.bottom { vertical-align : bottom; }
<TD class="top">This text is aligned to the top</TD>
This text is aligned to the top

<TD class="middle">This text is aligned to the middle</TD>
This text is aligned to the middle

<TD class="bottom">This text is aligned to the bottom</TD>
This text is aligned to the bottom


We may use the float property to distribute the text around a picture:
.left { float: left; }
.right { float: right; }
.none { float: none; }
<DIV><IMG class="left" SRC="house.jpg">Floating "left"...</DIV>
houseFloating "left"...

<DIV><IMG class="right" SRC="house.jpg">Floating "right"...</DIV>
houseFloating "right"...

<DIV><IMG class="none" SRC="house.jpg">Floating "none". This is the default.</DIV>
houseFloating "none". This is the default.

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