Fear the cute ones*

didn't do anything wrong

Games are really about numbers.
Numbers are given loose associations with things in the real world.
Matching numbers to things like strength and stamina is easy.
Mapping them to emotions is far more difficult.”.

Draw feelings. You know, those fragile things that get hurt a lot?”.

“I wish life had multiple save points like games do.
It’d be easier to go back and fix major screwups.
I’d just have to make sure I “save” every five minutes.”.

*ph34r t3h cut3 on3s, that is leet.

And this is Megatokyo, by Fred Gallagher.

recycled heart

From the top: Didn’t do anything wrong (detail), ©Megatokyo; Recycled Heart Tee (detail), Megagear.

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Ojingogo. A little girl, a squid and a robot.
From comingupforair, “a catalogue of sketches – graphic, typographic, photographic, & aural – from Matthew Forsythe.”.
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The tangle box

The Tangle Box “A young american has come to visit me.
He is a writer, or a lawyer, or some other profession requiring great wisdom.
There is something naive and reckless about him.
He’s like Charles, in a way.
He seems very interested in me, he asks me a lot of questions about Wonderland and the looking glass.”.

The tangle box, by Ken Wong.

Alice in Wonderland, made dark.

Above: plate 13, detail.

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The Eagle Transporter


The transporter Eagle spacecraft pages: a masterpiece of Roberto Baldassarri.

The Eagle was used in the TV series Space 1999 (1975-1978).

The biggest reference guide for Space 1999 is the catacombs.

eagle blueprint

Killmotor Hill


“In 1902 Scrooge McDuck tried to drive his car to the top of the hill, but that effort was too much for the car”s motor and it stopped.
Immediately after that incident Humperdink Duck renamed the hill and gave it its present name.
During a period of six months the same year Scrooge raised his Money Bin on the hill.”

“The most recent informations provided from Don Rosa… is that Scrooge McDuck died in 1967 100 years old.

How are Huey, Dewey, and Louie related to Donald?
An answer from the Disney Comics Characters pages:
“One day Donald gets a letter with the following text:

“Dear Donald, I am sending your angel nephews Louie, Huey and Dewey, to stay with you while their father is in the hospital.
A giant firecracker exploded under his chair.”

These and more (surprising) informations in Who’s who in Duckburg, a guide to the most frequently used characters in Barks’ and Rosa’s works.
See also: The lives and times in Duckburg.

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