Cat Soup

Cat Soup

Cat Soup (Nekojiru-So, 2001) “is an animated short film directed by Tatsuo Sato.
The surreal black comedy follows an anthropomorphic kitten on his travel to the land of the dead and back in an effort to save his sister’s soul.”.

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The Sky Crawlers

The Sky Crawlers

“You always have the option to change the road you travel every day
Even if the road is the same you can see different things
Isn’t this enough to live?
Or rather, may not be enough?”

The Sky Crawlers (Sukai Kurora, 2008) “is set in an alternate history where, although the world is at peace, in order to ease the tension of a populace accustomed to war and aggression, private corporations contract fighter pilots to stage combat operations against each other for show.”.

Music by Kenji Kawai. Listen: Main Theme (ending).

Above: screenshot from the official trailer, detail.

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We Sing The Forest Electric by Grickle “Just north of where I grew up there was an awesome bay on Lake Superior called Batchawana Bay.

You could walk out for what felt like a mile and the water would still only be up to your knees.
The water was warm and the sand was perfect.
I miss that place.”.

(Graham Annable)

Grickle. Illustrations and animations by Graham Annable.

Above: We Sing The Forest Electric, animation, headline.

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is the coldest month of the year
winter moves six months forward
and this is not the South Pole
here is not the South Pole

The alarm clock breaks the silence
Someone is on vacation
and she sounds for hours
How cold it is

you look out on a sick heart
five o’clock in the evening
and it’s already pitch dark
winter in August

The ice
settles and covers things
the waiting for the warm freezes also the dead
How cold it is

If it is not true that you’re afraid
it’s not true that you feel alone
it’s not true that it’s cold
then why are you trembling in this August?

is written on your calendar
maybe you slept six months
but you’re so tired
so tired

is the coldest month of the year
in the other hemisphere they call it winter


Agosto (August): a song* of Perturbazione (2002).
Video: Paroles en l’air (1995) by Sylvain Vincendeau**.

*Text in Italian    **Text in French

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Everything Will Be OK

Everything Will Be OK, by Don Hertzfeldt “After another two days
they concluded Bill was not going to die,
so his mother had all the flowers
removed from his room.

She also had to have his casket returned
at greater expense and inconvenience.

Bill had to go back to work the following thursday.
It rained for the entire bus ride.”.

Everything Will Be OK. A short film by Don Hertzfeldt.

First chapter of a three part story.
With the second part, I am so proud of you, it’s now available on DVD on Bitter Films.

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“Sharply written, an astute view on life and its pitfalls.”.
(Ian Lumsden)

Gustavus and a long life
Gustavus interiority complex
Gustavus car


Gustavus (Dargay-Nepp-Jankovics, Pannonia Film Studios, 1964)

Above: Gustavus and alienation.

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“What if you watch a film and whenever you pause it, you face a painting?”

Khoda. A short film by Reza Dolatabadi. Animation by Adam Thomson.

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Android 207

“An android trapped inside of a large maze with no idea how to find its way out.”. Android 207

Android 207, the movie. By Paul Whittington.
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Lejo‘s simple but unique puppets consist of nothing more than his bare hands and a pair of wooden eyes.
Using these puppets, he makes a magnificient show without dialogue.”.
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Terminally ambivalent over you


A song by (The Real) Tuesday Weld.
Animation by Aleksey Budovsky (Figli-Migli Productions).

This film* is based on Stephen Coates’ song from the album When Psyche meets Cupid.

The animation tells a story of a prisoner who works in a prison’s gramophone factory and while assembling gramophones thinks of his girlfriend.”.

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