The Guild

Felicia Day

Total upload views: 51,977,386
(Youtube channel, October 17, 2010)

The Guild: “A comedy web series about the offline lives of online gamers.
Created by and starring: Felicia Day.”.

Above: Felicia Day, from her photoset on Flickr.

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The cashless man


“The morning I finally decided to give up using cash, the whole world changed.”.

“While feeding the stove with broken-up old vegetable boxes, I would watch the moon rise in winter and the sun set in summer for the time it took to prepare my evening’s repast.
Birds in the trees around my kitchen became my new iPod, and observing wildlife taught me much more about nature than any documentary I’d seen on the television.”.
(Mark Boyle)

From The Guardian: My year of living without money, by Mark Boyle.

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Fashion Face

Nicola Chapman Samantha Chapman is an accomplished make-up artist.

Along with her sister Nicola she runs, a unique website which shows how to create fashion forward looks as well as vintage classics.

To date the site and accompanying YouTube page has had over one million hits.”.

Above: Nicola Chapman in Smokey Blue Eyes Tutorial.

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Bank Notes


“Robbing a bank is as simple as putting pen to paper.
Here are actual demand notes used in successful and unsuccessful unarmed bank robberies, accompanied by a photo of each robber and appended with details about the robbery itself.”.

Bank Notes: a collection of bank robbery notes. By Ken Habarta.

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Question Suggestions


Question Suggestions: “small voyages into the collective psyche of humans who ask Google questions.”. By Justin Talbott.

Some examples:

why is my girlfriend crazy
is there anybody out there
do we have a soul
can you take me higher
where is chuck norris….

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Asian Poses

“Asians are notorious for their quirky and cute poses and Asian Poses focuses on documenting these poses.”.
For example: surprised, fighting, pleading, nyan-nyan.
Kang Yui

Above: Puffy Cheeks pose, detail. Taken from: Model: Kang Yui.

1000 Awesome Things


“There’s something riveting about 1000 Awesome Things that makes you want to keep coming back. Aside from the great humor, it reminds you of the little things in life, and how awesome they can be.”.
(Leo Babauta)

1000 Awesome Things, by Neil Pasricha.

My favorites:

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Sexy People

Jerry - Sexy People “I think I know him
he used to be my neighbor… I think.

If it’s him he’s definitely as creepy as he looks.”.

Sexy People. “A Celebration of The Perfect Portrait.”.

Above: Jerry (1974).


“In folklore the tanuki is a bit like the plump, comical brother of the fox, equally prone to mischief and shape-changing and the deception of humans.

It seems to have a hedonistic bent, constantly on the prowl for saké, food, and women, and is known to disguise worthless leaves as money to obtain those things.
It also seems quite good at turning itself into inanimate objects.”.


The Tanuki.
From The Obakemono Project, “a Gaijin’s Guide to the Fantastic Folk Monsters of Japan.”.

El Caganer


“In Catalonia, as well as in the rest of Spain and in most of Italy and Southern France, the traditional Christmas decoration is a large model of the city of Bethlehem.
The Catalans have added an extra character known as the Caganer, often tucked away where he is not easily noticed.
“Caganer” translates from Catalan to English as “pooper”, and that is exactly what this little statue is doing: taking a poo.”.
(from Wikipedia)

El Caganer : “nice character of Catalan tradition”.

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