Crown Victoria

Ford Crown Victoria Taxicab

“She once got a passenger to LaGuardia Airport from Midtown Manhattan in fourteen minutes, a record that still stands.”.
(Eugene Salomon, from Cabs Are For Kissing)

“There are 13,237 licensed yellow taxicabs in New York City.
Ford’s Crown Victoria, the iconic model making up more than half the fleet, is being phased out.”.
(USA Today)

Above: Lady getting a cab in New York City, detail, from Chris 1971’s photostream on Flickr.

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Least Wanted

Least Wanted “I collect mug shots. Nobody famous.”.

(Mark Michaelson)

“This man shows me how close I am to nobody.
Nobody famous, nobody seen, nobody heard, nobody wanted.
And somehow, I come away feeling a little more human.”.

(Mark Madeo)


Least Wanted. By Mark Michaelson. On Flickr.

Top, left: Untitled (1952), detail.
Bottom, right: Clarine (1949).

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NYC Grid


NYC Grid is an exploration and documentation of New York neighborhoods, street by street and block by block.

When and if the Empire State Building is ever disassembled, there will be no shortage of photos and videos to remind historians what made the building special.
But what about the blue door on West 4th, the old sign on 79th, the curved wall on E10th.
These are the things that may only be photographed once every few years, and sometimes only by mistake.

This is simply a snapshot: New York as we live in it now.”.

Broadway Between Exchange Pl and Pine St
42nd St Between Lexington Ave and Vanderbilt Ave Sitting on a bus as it zips around town is one of the worst ways to get a feel for Manhattan.
You don’t get to see the shops, you don’t get to smell the food, you don’t get to even see the texture on the cobblestones.
New York is a walking city, it’s that simple.”.
(Paul Sahner)

Top, right: Broadway Between Exchange Pl and Pine St.
Bottom, left: 42nd St Between Lexington Ave and Vanderbilt Ave. By Paul Sahner.
Pictures released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license.

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Nerd Boyfriend

Michael Caine Nerd Boyfriend: “shopping guide and style blog for the fashionably nerdy male.
Men’s fashion, men’s style, vintage photographs, nerds.”.

Above: Sir Michael Caine, sleek loafers and knit tie.

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Asian Poses

“Asians are notorious for their quirky and cute poses and Asian Poses focuses on documenting these poses.”.
For example: surprised, fighting, pleading, nyan-nyan.
Kang Yui

Above: Puffy Cheeks pose, detail. Taken from: Model: Kang Yui.

9 0 0 0

the art of losing 9 0 0 0: a photostream on Flickr.

Above: el arte de perder (The art of losing).

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Little people

little people “Little handpainted people, left in London to fend for themselves.”.
Little People: a tiny street art project powered by Slinkachu*.

Above: It all went wrong.

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Aperture: f/9
Angle of view: 146°
Film format: 110
Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec.

Demekin*: a fisheye 110 film camera for subminiature photography.


Above: Demekin camera, detail.

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Sanjhih is a small town on the north coast of Taiwan, near Taipei.
In late 70’s, a keeper of a rubber company worked out the prototype of the UFO house using his own factory.
However, the company closed down in the energy crisis in 1980.

In 1989, a development company bought the unfinished UFO houses. They planned to make it a five stars resort hotel. Almost a year after, they decided to shutdown.
Then the buildings was abandoned until now.”.

Sanjhih house

The abandoned future: Sanjhih. A set on Flickr.

Above: a detail from the cypherone@Taiwan’s photostream.
Work released under a Creative Commons license.

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Sexy People

Jerry - Sexy People “I think I know him
he used to be my neighbor… I think.

If it’s him he’s definitely as creepy as he looks.”.

Sexy People. “A Celebration of The Perfect Portrait.”.

Above: Jerry (1974).