The Album Leaf

The Album Leaf The Album Leaf.

On MySpace, listen: Stand Still (from A Chorus of Storytellers, 2010).

On PureVolume, listen: The Outer Banks (from In a Safe Place, 2004).

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“The number was not conceived out of some desire to cater to the so-bad-it’s-good tastes of the Western YouTube generation, but in fact was meant to please Soviet audiences, who were capable of placing this routine, this man, and this song into a familiar context.”.

(Justin E.H. Smith)

Trololololololololololo by Edward Anatolevich Hill

Trololololololololololo. This should be the new Rick Roll.

Above: Eduard Khil* singing I’m so glad because I’m finally back home (1976).

*Referred as: Edward, Eduard, Hill, Hil, Khil, Gil

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Bersarin Quartett

Bersarin Quartett

“Imaginary fictional filmscores”.

Bersarin Quartett: the solo project of Thomas Bücker. Electronic/Experimental.
Debut album re-release on 29th of March 2010.

Listen: Oktober and St. Petersburg.

Above: album cover, detail.

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is the coldest month of the year
winter moves six months forward
and this is not the South Pole
here is not the South Pole

The alarm clock breaks the silence
Someone is on vacation
and she sounds for hours
How cold it is

you look out on a sick heart
five o’clock in the evening
and it’s already pitch dark
winter in August

The ice
settles and covers things
the waiting for the warm freezes also the dead
How cold it is

If it is not true that you’re afraid
it’s not true that you feel alone
it’s not true that it’s cold
then why are you trembling in this August?

is written on your calendar
maybe you slept six months
but you’re so tired
so tired

is the coldest month of the year
in the other hemisphere they call it winter


Agosto (August): a song* of Perturbazione (2002).
Video: Paroles en l’air (1995) by Sylvain Vincendeau**.

*Text in Italian    **Text in French

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The Loudness War


“…You listen to these modern records,
they’re atrocious, they have sound all over them.
There’s no definition of nothing, no vocal, no nothing, just like … static.”.

(Bob Dylan, interviewed by Rolling Stone, 1996)

The Loudness War, or “the practice of digitally mastering albums with progressively increasing levels of loudness and reduced dynamic range.”.

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Hiromi Uehara


Hiromi Uehara: Jazz, experimental, progressive.
Listen : The Tom and Jerry Show and Time Difference.

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Techno/House/Experimental. From Berlin.
Efdemin - Phillip Sollmann

Listen: Bergwein.

Above: Phillip Sollmann (photo by Yasmina Haddad).

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And now, a cup of Diet Coke + Mentos: AudioBody.
Listen : You Gotta Tap, Not Easy, Going to Michigan, Bass Aquatic, Fireflys.

Techno / Rock / Electronica.

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And now a cup of Alphabeat. Listen and see: Fascination.
Pop, from Denmark.
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Ezekiel Honig


“Sounds like: bumping into a chair while humming.
Influences: musique concrete, film, everyday life, randomness, the artists on Anticipate and Microcosm.”.
Ezekiel Honig. Listen: Concrete and Plastic.

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