Michael Wolf

Chinese chair “In the West we throw things away when they break.
In the East people take the time to fix things, it doesn’t matter what things look like, as long as they work.”.

“When you enter through the font door of someone’s house you see what they want you to see: the best version.
The back door on the other hand tells a culture’s true story.”.
(Michael Wolf)
See: 100 x 100 and The Architecture of Density.
Above: The bastard chairs, from “Sitting in China” (Steidl, 2002) ©Michael Wolf.

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“It’s like that little girl can see us here in the future, but nobody is going to believe her, and she’ll forget all about it when she grows up.”. Reading Room: 1936

Shorpy “is a blog about old photos and what life a hundred years ago was like.
The site is named after Shorpy Higginbotham, a boy who worked in an Alabama coal mine near the turn of the century.”.
Above : “December 1936. Untitled photograph taken in rural Iowa by Russell Lee.”.

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Scott Hansen

“My name is Scott Hansen and I am a San Francisco, California based musician (Tycho) and artist (ISO50).

My music can be found at tychomusic.com or you can listen to it while browsing the ISO50 Portfolio.”.


Above: Amsterdam, detail, © Scott Hansen.

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“As I walk around San Francisco, I encounter dogs tied to things, take their pictures, and offer them up to the world with whatever commentary springs to mind.”.

“…I can tell immediately that not only does he know what words I’m going to use, he thinks they’re utterly trite and meaningless, and moreover, he knows that I know he knows.”. Dogblog

Enjoy Dogblog.

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The Rasterbator

Rasterbator The Rasterbator creates huge, rasterized images from any picture.
Upload an image, print the resulting multi-page pdf file and assemble the pages into extremely cool looking poster up to 20 meters in size.”.

Above: the boondock saints, from the Rasterbator gallery.

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“My name is Emilie. I am a photographer.
Every week I shot somewhere in San Francisco. I focused on places that I love.”.

“San Francisco is changing pretty fast.
Everyone’s heard about the dotcom invasion, sky-high rents, loss of artists space, etc. but it’s also changed in ways that are harder to describe.
It’s probably a direct result of these other changes, but good things are disappearing.
For me, some of those good things are people.”.
(From Snapcity, by Emilie Valentine)

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The Brown Sisters

“Each year since 1975, Nicholas Nixon has made one black-and-white photograph of his wife, Beverly (Bebe) Brown, and her three sisters.

He always photographs the women in the same order from left to right: Heather, Mimi, Bebe, and Laurie.

Nixon selects only one photograph to represent the women each year.”.

The Brown Sisters

(from Modern Portraits in Photography, National Gallery of Art).

Zabriskie Gallery presents 25 Years of the Brown Sisters and New Work, photographs by Nicholas Nixon.”.

Above: The Brown Sisters, Harwichport, Mass (1978) (from zabriskiegallery.com)

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payphone “I was 15 or 16 years old at the time and can’t explain why but it felt powerful to do that, to pick up a phone and call any location on earth just to see who was there and to find out what they were doing.

I also remember calling a certain phone booth on Kennedy Boulevard, near the University of Tampa.
Often when I’d call that booth a drunk would answer.

I don’t remember saying anything when the winos answered that phone, but my actions might sound strange: into the phone I played tapes of myself playing piano.
Sometimes people listened. Other times they hung up.

Today I am a concert classical pianist, but I no longer play the random phone booth concert circuit.”.
(Mark A. Thomas)

The Payphone Project, by Mark A. Thomas.

Above: Phone on yellow pillar, by Tanner Beck.
Picture released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Daily dose of imagery


Daily dose of imagery by Sam Javanrouh
“…is a simple view of my day to day visual experience, or my personal photoblog.
I post one photo a day on this web site.”

Well… look at his titanic archive (may take some time to load).

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Ecce Lomo


Ecce Lomo
“A personal photographic portfolio, with lomo, holga and polaroid snapshots.”.

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