PubblicitĂ  progresso

Pubblicità Progresso* is a non-profit association established in 1971 with a view to giving voice to people’s moral, civil and educational problems. Since then, Pubblicità Progresso has carried out 30 social campaigns.”. Mad

Respect other’s opinion
(Bates Italia agency, 1973)

– Nobody has ever dared to contradict me. I’m great.
– Hey. You aren’t great. You are alone.
“Respect who doesn’t think like you.”.

If you listen you grow
(FCB Italia agency, 2001)

“The words of the others can enrich us. Listen to them.”.

Let’s improve ourselves
(ODG agency, 1995)

– Listen, have you read many books this year?
– No. No one, actually.
– Then, newspapers?
– Uhm…newspapers…no, I didn’t.
– Perhaps some course? Say English, computer?
– No. You know, lack of time…
– Then, what are you doing?
– Nothing.
– Nothing. But have you realized what you’re doing?
– It’s true. But from tomorrow things will change.
“Cultivate more interests. It’s your interest.”.

Above: “That mad says that two plus two doesn’t make four. What if he wasn’t mad?”, wallpaper detail.
(ODG agency, 1973)

*Meaning: advertising-progress
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