Thank you

thank you Millions of thank you’s to you.”.

Above: Hoops & Yoyo, “A Million Thanks”, Flash animation, frame detail. (by Hallmark)

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Hoy te amo

“Whenever the treasure-hunter girl is in trouble, someone comes to help her.”.

Hoy te amo. Music: Tus Ojos by Belanova.

From Vinnie Veritas by Alejandro Cordova.


Right: Papalote, Flash animation, frame detail. (Alejandro Cordova)

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PubblicitĂ  progresso

Pubblicità Progresso* is a non-profit association established in 1971 with a view to giving voice to people’s moral, civil and educational problems. Since then, Pubblicità Progresso has carried out 30 social campaigns.”. Mad

Respect other’s opinion
(Bates Italia agency, 1973)

– Nobody has ever dared to contradict me. I’m great.
– Hey. You aren’t great. You are alone.
“Respect who doesn’t think like you.”.

If you listen you grow
(FCB Italia agency, 2001)

“The words of the others can enrich us. Listen to them.”.

Let’s improve ourselves
(ODG agency, 1995)

– Listen, have you read many books this year?
– No. No one, actually.
– Then, newspapers?
– Uhm…newspapers…no, I didn’t.
– Perhaps some course? Say English, computer?
– No. You know, lack of time…
– Then, what are you doing?
– Nothing.
– Nothing. But have you realized what you’re doing?
– It’s true. But from tomorrow things will change.
“Cultivate more interests. It’s your interest.”.

Above: “That mad says that two plus two doesn’t make four. What if he wasn’t mad?”, wallpaper detail.
(ODG agency, 1973)

*Meaning: advertising-progress
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Charley The National Archives present:
Public Information Films.

“In 1973 the incomprehensible pronouncements from a ginger cat named Charley warned children against strangers, matches, water safety and other everyday perils.”.
(Charley In The Kitchen)

“The Central Office of Information produce a wide range of information campaigns designed to inform the public on a huge range of issues which affect their daily lives, such as health, welfare, education and rights.”.

British humour included.
See, for example, The Fatal Floor (1974).

Further material on the Andrew Wisemans’s Television Room* (aka A must see.

Above: Charley – Strangers (1973), frame.
Material subject to Crown Copyright, ©The National Archives.

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Television presentation

A journey into the British TV web sites: how television presents itself.

ATV logo

Right: ATV Zoom (1957-1964), end frame. (

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High Delivery

High Delivery by Ferry Halim High Delivery.
An Orisinal flash game. By Ferry Halim.Music: Children of Beslan by Steven Cravis.

Play and listen also:

Flowers. Music: Our Love Never Dies by Ernesto Cortazar.

The Way Home. Music: Bedtime for Little John by Michael Dulin (from Atmospheres, 2003).

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JCB Well, I’m rumblin’ in this JCB.
I’m 5 years old and my dad’s a giant sitting beside me.
And the engine rattles my bum like berserk
While we’re singin, “Don’t forget your shovel if you want to go to work!”

JCB, a song by Nizlopi.

“A lot of people have wondered about the content and origins of Nizlopi’s JCB song,
particularly as it seems to strike a chord with so many people.”.

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