Bumpers stickers


“Some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the hydrant.”.

Bumpers stickers: all your bumper sticker needs in one place.

“The more you complain, the longer God makes you live.”. Have fun.

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Qurple, a true story about a boy. From Flip Flop Flyin’, by Craig Robinson.

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Art. Lebedev Studio

Art. Lebedev Studio “was founded in 1995.
At present, it is the largest design company in Russia.”.
Optimus keyboard
Gond, Alexander Zhitomirsky “We do industrial design, graphic design, web design and interface engineering.”.

In Mandership, Artemy Lebedev writes about graphic and industrial design, interface engineering, typography, semiotics, and visualization.

From Coding. Part two :

“One of the most successful implementations of audio coding can be heard in the Moscow metro.
A male voice announces stations when the train is headed towards downtown, a female voice when it moves from the center to city outskirts (sort of a mnemonic rule: the boss calling you to work, the wife calling you home).”.

From the top: Optimus mini, world’s first keyboard with color screen; Gond, by Alexander Zhitomirsky.

Free Daily Newspapers


“The reinvention of the newspaper“:
in 2005, european free tabloids have a circulation of 13.8 million.

My favourite is Metro: 32 pages, full color, news, sport, tv, wheater and more, free; also available on the web, Metro newspapers are fully downloadable in PDF from Readmetro.com.

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Strong Bad


“The internet is a place where absolutely nothing happens.
You need to take advantage of that.”.
(Strong Bad)*
One of the ten worst website mistakes?
“Not using the word FREE.”.
(Gerry Robert)

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