The Daily English Show

The Daily English Show is an internet show for English students, English teachers and those interested in the English language and language study.

You can watch the show on many sites.
You can also watch it on your video ipod.”.


The Daily English Show, by Sarah Lilburn.

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Head On

Head On

“This incredibly annoying commercial is evidence that the end of the world as we know it is near”

Head on. The most annoying commercial in history and his spoofs.

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Buddha Machine

FM3 constructed nine drones, varying from two seconds to 42 seconds, which repeat endlessly until the "track" is switched to the next drone.

In a way, it’s like the cheapest pre-loaded IPod you’ll ever be able to buy.”.

“Before we released the Buddha machine, we used to tell people to imagine an old pocket radio tuned permanently to FM3.”.

The Buddha Machine.

Buddha Machine

Right: Buddha Machine Blue, price: 25$.

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10 Minute Mail


“You will be given a temporary e-mail address.

Any e-mails sent to that address will show up automatically on the web page.
You can read them, click on links, and even reply to them.

The e-mail address will expire after 10 minutes.”. And it’s free. Welcome to 10 Minute Mail.

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“It’s called Cross Sums in the USA, Kakuro in the UK, and Kakro in Japan.”.

“Works as crosswords, but the givens are substituted with sums.
You can use numbers from 1 to 9.”.
(Vegard Hanssen from

Kakuro has clues both across and down.
When you put numbers in the vacant squares, the sum must equal the given clues.
Just like a sudoku, you cannot have the same number in a row or column.”.

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Where the Hell is Matt?

Where the Hell is Matt? – “What’s the message of your videos?”
– “Up to you. I’m just dancing.”

Where the Hell is Matt?. By Matt Harding, “that guy who dances on the internet”.

Above: Dancing (2006), opening sequence. Location: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Music: Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest.

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You have two cows


The first two cows jokes, originated as a parody of a typical economic example, …were meant to compare opposing economic systems.”.
(from Wikipedia)

Democracy You have two cows. Your neighbors decide who gets the milk.
Nacism You have two cows. The government takes both and then shoots you.
Capitalism You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull.

“..The jokes evolved into satire of various political, cultural, social and philosophical systems and theories.”.
(from Uncyclopedia)

You have two cows.

Google Did you mean You wish you have two cows?
England You’ve two cows. They go mad.
Yoda Two cows, you have.
Romanticism The cows have each other.
Atheism What cows?
Philip Glass You have two cows. You have two cows. You have two cows.
The Simpsons You have two cows. They are yellow.
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This is Blythe

She’s not easy to define.
I can say she’s born in 1972 and is a photogenic non-Barbie doll, but this is not enough.
This is Blythe, (Gina Garan, Chronicle Books, 2002) is the book that made her famous and, later, a cult icon.
This is Blythe
blythe is go!
Blythe the doll
Blythe by elevens''custom

“…Unlike Barbie, Blythe does not have a boyfriend. She also does not advertise her professional life.”.
Above: eleven entry from Show Us Your Customized Girl contest, at

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