Bob Noorda

“The history of the Milan subway signs was very interesting, because the subway was completely new.
Usually the architect designed the furnishings and then say, “now you have to put the signals”.

Instead we created a new system, the famous red band on the M1 line , for the signals.
Before then, the station’s name appeared only once in the middle of the quay.
I proposed to repeat the name every five meters so that, with the train still in motion, one could immediately see it.
This was a world first.”.

Milan Subway sign
Bob Noorda “I believe that my work is always a work of communication.
Communication means that I have to do a service to another, to be able to make readable a text, and to make understand enough.

That’s not to say that it is boring and you can’t do anything.
No, there are many possibilities.”.

(interview for Rai Educational, 2002)

Top, right: Milan metro sign, 1964.
Bottom, left: Bob Noorda (Amsterdam, 1927 – Milan, 2010), designer.

Categories : communication, design