New Alphabet

New Alphabet

“In the 60’s I became very much interested in grid systems and digital systems. In 1965 I saw the first digital typesetters, and the result was horrible. Then I came to the idea to make another system of alphabet.
I called it the New Alphabet.

This is a six point Garamond from the digitized period.
If you have it twice as big the basic idea is still there, but the whole shape changes, and this is what I couldn’t stand for.
So I did “Let me do a typeface with only 90 angles and 45 roundings”.
I published it, and I said “This is a theory. This is the way of thinking, and typeface designers should design along this line of thinking”.
It made me travel all around the world to give lectures on it.”.
(Wim Crouwel)

Wim Crouwel: Proposal for a New Alphabet. From Helvetica (2007), by Gary Hustwit.
Above : New Alphabet font, by Matt McInerney, sample.

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