Polyvore is a web-based application for mixing and matching images from anywhere on the web, to create outfits, interior designs, or any kind of collage.”.

Mon Identitè

Right: Mon identité, by minaplume; based on Red 2007 by Oleg Dou.

New Alphabet

New Alphabet

“In the 60’s I became very much interested in grid systems and digital systems. In 1965 I saw the first digital typesetters, and the result was horrible. Then I came to the idea to make another system of alphabet.
I called it the New Alphabet.

This is a six point Garamond from the digitized period.
If you have it twice as big the basic idea is still there, but the whole shape changes, and this is what I couldn’t stand for.
So I did “Let me do a typeface with only 90 angles and 45 roundings”.
I published it, and I said “This is a theory. This is the way of thinking, and typeface designers should design along this line of thinking”.
It made me travel all around the world to give lectures on it.”.
(Wim Crouwel)

Wim Crouwel: Proposal for a New Alphabet. From Helvetica (2007), by Gary Hustwit.
Above : New Alphabet font, by Matt McInerney, sample.

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“In folklore the tanuki is a bit like the plump, comical brother of the fox, equally prone to mischief and shape-changing and the deception of humans.

It seems to have a hedonistic bent, constantly on the prowl for saké, food, and women, and is known to disguise worthless leaves as money to obtain those things.
It also seems quite good at turning itself into inanimate objects.”.


The Tanuki.
From The Obakemono Project, “a Gaijin’s Guide to the Fantastic Folk Monsters of Japan.”.

Andre Jordan

astronaut I sit on this wall and
wait for you who ever
you are where ever you may
be I’ve been sitting on
this wall since I was 17
years old just waiting for
you just praying for you
who ever you are where
ever you may be to find
me I shall sit on this
wall for the rest of
my life if need to be

(Andre Jordan, And I wait for you)

A beautiful revolution. By Andre Jordan, illustrator.

Above: Astronaut boy.

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A stone soup

A stone soup “There exists a tale, handed down from times long ago, of two travelers on a pilgrimage.

Hungry and tired from a long day’s journey, they come to a small, impoverished, medieval village, where they decide to rest by the side of the road.”.
(The Stone Soup Legend)

Above: Anais Vaugelade, cover for the picture book Une soupe au caillou (A stone soup).

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Art Frahm


“It is unfair to judge Art Frahm by these illustrations.”.

O-Oh “But the falling-panty theme is a staple of his work.”.

Art Frahm: a study of the effects of celery on loose elastic.
From The Institute of Official Cheer by James Lileks.
Above: O-Oh! (1950).

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Paper Eleven


The trap exists for the fish.
Once you have the fish,
you forget the trap.

The words exist for the meaning.
Once you have the meaning,
you forget the words.

Paper Eleven

“14-year-old Maya survives a terrible train accident only to find herself in a strange world where people, places, and souls are made of paper.
Hunted and alone, she has 11 days to find the bodies, reconstruct the accident, and return home.”.

Paper Eleven. A clone.manga project by Daniel Kim.

Above: Day 4 – The Cloth Man Speaks, panel 96.

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All Over Coffee

All Over Coffee by Paul Madonna

All Over Coffee strips are time bombs, moments that on the surface appear meaningless or random, but later, while going about your day, trigger connections.

These settings of absent streets offer a space where, seemingly, no one exists.

Like the conversations where we must imagine the speakers, we must also project them into these spaces. At first, the emptiness of these scenes appear normal, but then the absence of life draws us in.
Without people or cars, there is room for us.
There is a dream-like safety, and quietness for our imaginations.”.

(Paul Madonna)

All Over Coffee, by Paul Madonna.
Published every Sunday in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Idioms by Kids

Idioms by Kids “has over 1000 pictures of idioms.”. read

“Sometimes the children knew what the idioms meant and drew pictures of the actual real meaning but most of the time the students drew the literal meaning and the results are often funny.”.

Above: Read Between the Lines.


I am not like the other girls, by Sam Brown “My name is Sam, I draw pictures from your titles.”.
“This site could be thought of as a long term semi-collaborative art project.
Nobody pays for anything.
And when I draw a picture using someone’s title it is added to the front page for anyone who is interested to look at.”.

(Sam Brown, from answers to questions)

Leave me alone

Explodingdog, by Sam Brown.

Top, left: I am not like the other girls;
Bottom, right: I am alone please leave me alone, detail.

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