Siri for iPhone4S

Siriously Weird: conversations with Siri, the virtual personal assistant for the iPhone 4S.

A magazine is an iPad that does not work

A magazine is an iPad that does not work

“For my one year daughter, a magazine is an iPad that does not work.
It will remain so for her whole life. Steve Jobs has coded part of her OS.”

(From UserExperiencesWorks’s Channel – YouTube)

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Love Is the Answer

England Dan & John Ford Coley
“I’m pretty tired… I think I’ll go home now.”

A quote from Forrest Gump. My soundtrack for this:
Love Is the Answer (England Dan & John Ford Coley, 1979)

Above: Nights are Forever (1976), LP cover.
Picture released by Dan Coulter under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license.

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Madeon - Pop Culture
“This is a little idea i’ve been playing around with to implement in my set”

17 years old.
39 songs in three minutes played with a Novation Launchpad.
3,5 million views, and counting.
This boy rules.

Madeon. Electronica/House/Pop. Listen: Pop Culture, For You, Shuriken and DJ.

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LP Cover Lover

Jose Marinho - A Volta ao Mundo

LPCover Lover. “The weird and wonderful world of record covers from the golden age of LPs.”.

Above: Jose Marinho, A Volta ao Mundo (Sinter Records).

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Tom Vek - Aroused

“You look aroused
You look awake
You are the light
Turned on”

Tom Vek. Alternative rock. See and listen: Aroused (from Leisure Seizure, 2011).

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Presso coffee maker

Presso “is a manual espresso machine.
You simply fill the steel filter with the coffee, attach it to the Presso and pour boiling water into the cylinder at the top.
Then you lift the lever arms, place your coffee cup into position and lower the arms.
This action forces the water through the coffee at high pressure to deliver a perfect cafe into your cup.”.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 23 x 14 x 31 cm
Weight: 2,3 Kg
Price: $150 (in USA), £80 (in UK)

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Loney Dear

Loney Dear

“Despair has never sounded so sweet”

Loney Dear
. Indie/pop. Listen: Ignorant Boy, Beautiful Girl (from Citadel Band, 2004).

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“All space lay before her, her direction dictated only by caprice.
She was almost the image of freedom, were it not for the Saturnian weight of her body and the abnormal span of her wings. However poised she seemed, especially at the take-on, one sensed the terror which motivated the daily flight.
She was at once obedient to her destiny and at the same time frantically eager to overcome it.

Each morning she soared aloft from her perch, as from some Himalayan peak; she seemed always to direct her flight towards some uncharted region into which, if all went well, she would disappear forever.
Each morning she seemed to carry aloft with her this desperate, last-minute hope; she took leave with calm, grave dignity, like one about to go down into the grave. Never once did she circle about the flying field; never once did she cast a glance backward towards those whom she was abandoning.

Nor did she leave the slightest crumb of personality behind her; she took to the air with all her belongings, with every slightest scrap of evidence which might testify to the fact of her existence. She didn’t even leave the breath of a sigh behind, not even a toe-nail.
A clean exit, such as the Devil himself might make for reasons of his own.

One was left with a great void on his hands. One was deserted, and not only deserted, but betrayed, inhumanly betrayed.
One had no desire to detain her nor to call her back; one was left with a curse on his lips, with a black hatred which darkened the whole day. Later, moving about the city, moving slowly in pedestrian fashion, crawling like the worm, one gathered rumours of her spectacular flight; she had been seen rounding a certain point, she had dipped here or there for what reason no one knew, she had done a tailspin elsewhere, she had passed like a comet, she had written letters of smoke in the sky, and so on and so forth.”.

(Henry Miller, Tropic of Capricorn, 1939)

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“In case you’d come looking,
she left this bell for you.
It’s an angel bell.
If ever you’re sad or in trouble,
just ring this bell.
An angel will come to help.”

Kikujiro (Takeshi Kitano, 1999): “the story of a young boy searching for his mother during his summer vacation.”.

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